Retrieve/Resubmit a Batch or Batches of Claims

By default, when you create a Disk Image or print a batch of claims, EMR Datacenter removes the check mark in the Queue column.  This is so submitted or printed claims are not duplicated.

You can retrieve a batch or batches of claims that has already been submitted or printed.  When you create a batch of claims, the claims are all stamped with the date/time they are created.    In order to do this you need to know the date the claims were created.  This could be different than the dates of service.  

To retrieve a batch or batches of claims, you would count the number of days since they were created.  Use this information to determine the range of days the claims are open.

Below are the steps to retrieve claims followed by a brief video
1.  Tools > Insurance Manager. 
2.  Click the Claim Registry tab. 
3.  Choose the form type for example:   DiskImage 0212 or CMS-1500 0212. 
4.  Click the Smart Select icon to the right of the Form Type.
5.  For the Days Open box, enter the range of days in the two boxes (e.g. 0 and  2 for batches created in the last two (2) days).
6.  Unchecked the Limit Display to Queued Claims checkbox.
7.  Click Display.
8.  Right click any claim and choose Queue All to queue the claims.
9.  Click the Floppy Disk to create a Claims0212 file, or click the Printer to print paper claims.