MyEMR SaaS on a Mac, iPad or iPhone

You are able to access your account from a Mac, iPad, or iPhone.  You will want to install a remote desktop client from the app store.  There are many to choose from; some have a fee and others are FREE.  Software Motif recommends using the Microsoft Remote Desktop.  This is a FREE app available in the app store.

To configure the app, you will need the following information from your Welcome email, or you can contact support:

  • The computer name (e.g.
  • The username you will be using to login (e.g. 5495u1).
  • The password associated with the username.

Once you download and install the app, use the following screenshots to configure your credentials:

Tap the "+" to add a new remote desktop


Tap desktop


Enter the Computer Name from email


Enter Username & Password, then tap Save


Tap the icon to connect